10 Hilarious Lost And Found Signs

Have you ever lost a pet? It is probably one of the worst feelings in the world. You are constantly worried about a creature that is not equipped to take care of itself, and you know that the chances of finding it are pretty bleak. There isn’t much to do except put up some signs and hope for the best. You must have seen a lot of lost and found signs around your city, and most of them are very legitimate. Some, however, are just plain hilarious and this list contains a few of the funniest lost and found signs.

Lost Bear

Huck the teddy bear looks adorable. Worst of all, he belongs to a little girl. Whichever creep decided to steal a girl’s teddy bear better hand it back.

Lost Cat?

Is that really a cat? Sure, it falls under the feline category, but I don’t think its the same thing. How do you even lose a 800 pound cat anyways?