10 Hilarious Kids That Got The Right Answer The Wrong Way

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“From the mouths of babes,” is an accurate saying that if you want the unfiltered truth about yourself or something else, you have to ask a young child. Children inherently have no filters and no predispositions to think in taught ways, so essentially, they don’t fit any molds we make for them – yet. These ten hilarious kids that got the right answer in the wrong way seem to not have been affected by the molding process just yet, and it can be seen in their answers to these questions.

Show Your Thinking

The teacher should have specified to show his working out. Good job, head scratching kid.

We, Have, WHAT?

It is meant to say “this”, but this kid is going places.

Only Three Are Needed

When life gives you lemons, take advantage of the situation and make lemonade. Also, why not make life easier for yourself and use what is in front of you.

Thinking Ahead

Even when faced with the prospect of living with someone they hate, this kid can think calmly and clearly to improve his chances of survival. Well done, 10/10.


Well, this child may be a smart ass, be he isn’t wrong.


Someone took dedication to a whole new level just to mess with their teacher. This dedication is to be admired.

RIP Warren

Where do you see yourself in 100 years, Warren?


This animal rights activist in the making just nailed this question.


Technically a correct answer, but probably not THE correct answer.

Tough Kid

This kid is going places, and it is all good it seems. It is very rare to find someone so young yet so grown up.