10 Hilarious Jokes For Grammar Nazis

Sometimes its hard to know which words to use, such as their, there and they’re, or your and you’re, but its at times like these when we need our friendly neighborhood grammar Nazis. They may not be the heroes we deserve but they certainly are the heroes we need right now. In this day and age when it makes you cringe to read what the under-educated write during your game of League or Counter-Strike that it results in your death, that is the day you turn your back on your world and don the cape. I know that I am not the only one to have suffered the consequences of attempting to correct another player during an intense period of the game. So this is a list of ten hilarious jokes created by grammar Nazis for the enjoyment of other grammar Nazis.

The War On Error

A funny play on words ensure that this helpful piece of advice is never forgotten.

Writing Like A Pro

This helpful guide will have you writing like a pro in no time. Just never mind the sarcastic tone of the article and you’ll be fine.