10 Hilarious Baseball Bloopers And Fails

Playing a sport in the international stage can be a highly competitive and demanding job. There are millions on expectations riding on your shoulders, not to mention the pressure imposed by the fans on the field and your opposition. People forget that these athletes are only human, despite them drawing some super-human salaries. This is why it becomes extra hilarious when we see bloopers in sports. They humanize our heroes and help us get a good laugh. Bloopers don’t have to be one-sided though. Even the fans in the stadium tend to get caught up in the action and contribute to the hilarity. Here is a list of 10 pictures showing some funny baseball fails.

Nut Crackers

This is exactly why you carry a glove to the field and you wear a cup, just in case. You never know what can happen when the ball starts flying into the stands.

Super Mom

This mom didn’t just take the catch, she did it with one hand while carrying a baby. Now this is what you call a ‘Super mom’.