10 Hilarious And Inappropriate Street Names

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The entire purpose behind naming streets is to make sure that people can find their way around the city with greater ease. A city can be a very vast place, so finding the right home or office can be extremely tricky if you don’t have proper markers in place. There are so many streets around the world now, that it seems like people are almost running out of names for streets. This is why we get to occasionally spot some truly unusual names. This list includes 10 funny and horrible street names that you can actually find.

Penis Road

Living on Penis road cannot be easy as a citizen. Not only do you have to live with the name on a daily basis, you actually have to put this name down when you are filling in important forms and identify yourself using this ridiculous name.

Wong Way

There is a right way to do things, and then there is the wong way. Which way are you going to choose?

No Name Street

When U2 played the song ‘Where the streets have no name’, I figured they were being metaphorical. I didn’t know they were actually referring to a particular place.

Dumb Womans Lane

I don’t know how this name is still around, but I am pretty sure a man came up with this title.

Camel Toe Drive

Camel toe drive is pretty easy to find. It is right by the side of show your tits avenue.

Divorce Street

This is one of the gloomiest streets in America, and is filled with houses that have half the stuff missing due to divorce settlements.

Psycho Path Road

You can find all your favorite childhood psychos here. That includes the chap who likes to haunt you in your dreams and the guy who likes to massacre people in Texas.


When you don’t know what to name a street, just pick a random alphabet on your keyboard and punch it four times in a row.

Cockburn Street

This street name sounds classy and dirty at the same time, with a touch of British thrown into the mix.

Zzyzx Road

Why name your street something meaningful when you can just name it after a typo?