10 Hilarious And Angry No Parking Signs

Parking is a massive problem across the world. If you ever visit the parking lot of a mall, you feel that there are more cars than people in the world. Sometimes you really need to fight your way to a parking spot when you are looking for one in busy streets. A ‘No Parking’ sign might not even faze you if you are truly desperate for parking. You would rather pay the fine than circle the block a few more hundred times. This is why people are being forced to put up creative and slightly enraged ‘No Parking’ signs all over the place. This list includes some of the funniest ones around.

Parking Curse

We love this list of bad things that will befall the person who parks in the ‘No Parking’ spot. The best ones have to be squirrels invading your home and no one talking to you at parties.

Park And Be Crushed

Do they intend to manually crush the car parked in the spot? Or will a machine be doing the crushing for them? Will they tow the car after crushing it in the no parking spot?