10 Goofy And Embarrassing Family Portraits

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Family portraits can be a great way to immortalize a moment in time. Families tend to grow and change over a period of time, so it is always nice to capture those special moments that you would like to look back fondly upon. Families are also notoriously goofy, and they tend to do some wacky things when it comes to taking a family portrait. It is actually enough to just take a simple picture but people tend to over-do it at times. Here is a list of 10 wacky and goofy family portraits.

Bad Hair Year

Do you remember the time when you and everyone in your family had the exact same hair cut? Of course you don’t! You have repressed that memory deep inside your brain.

The Same Outfit Family

You know what they say, a family that looks the same, smells the same. Well not really, but this idea does stink pretty badly.

The Rebel Child

No matter how hard you try, you are bound to have a child that loves being the outcast. Can you spot the rebel child in this near-perfect family photo?

Trek Heads

It is rare to have an entire family promoting just one of the two legendary sci-fi shows of all-time. Usually there is a heated debate between the trekkies and war-heads.

The Turtle-Neck Siblings

Sure, you all have turtleneck shirts, but did you really all need to wear them for the family portrait? The rule of thumb is that only one person is allowed to wear a turtleneck per picture.

Branching Out

This family decided it was a good idea to take an awkward picture on top of a tree branch for their family portrait. The grandma was there too, but she fell down and they just kept shooting.

Alien Invasion

This has got to be the coolest portrait on this list. They actually did a pretty great job with their make-up, and they even decided to dress up in Earth clothes to maintain a sense of semi-realism.

Holy Birth

This dog does not look like he is willing to die for our sins. He only looks like he will do so for some doggie treats.

Poking Around

When you are using a prop in your picture, the only thing you need to remember is to make sure it doesn’t look like a penis poking into one of your family members.

The Age Of Ascension

Family portraits in the 20’s weren’t that great either. They actually thought it was really cool to have everyone standing in height order. At least their height is linear.