10 Funny And Weird Notes Found On Bathrooms Walls

We all want to make a mark on this world on some level. We realize that our time on this planet is limited and the vastness of history is bound to engulf our lifetime with ease. Very few of us make it into the pages of history, and most of us are simply left with making a mark on the walls of bathrooms around the world. Writing a message in a toilet stall is one of those weird activities which is personal, yet distant. It feels like a last resort to reach out and touch the world, but most of the time it is a result of a drunken blur. Here is a list of 10 hilarious and weird notes left in bathrooms.

Wrong Bathroom

At least this person made a confession and washed his sins away. That’s how it works right?

Purest Art Form

This note argues that people writing on toilets are the true artists on this planet. For the record, diaries are also not written for financial rewards of critical acclaim.

Note To Mom

How did the person recognize that the note was their mother’s? Based on the handwriting of course! You can spot your mother’s handwriting in any urinal, can’t you!

Nothing To Say

Most people are afraid to venture into creative fields because they feel like they have nothing to say. This person realized this only after buying a sharpie.

Nerd Humor

Not all humor in the toilet has to be toilet humor. As this joke perfectly demonstrates, nerds go to the bathroom too.

Fighting For Peace

It is always nice when you put out a positive vibe and someone responds to it appropriately, even if this exchange happens inside a toilet.

Bathroom Bacon

The symbol does look like it is dispensing bacon doesn’t it? If you got bacon in the bathroom, would you eat it?

Wiping Instructions

It is nice when hotels make the extra effort to ensure that you are enjoying the overall experience in their establishment. The only mistake you can make is assuming that your customer knows absolutely nothing.

We Are All Beautiful

We can be quick to judge other people based on even the slightest indication. This person was wrong in assuming that beautiful people don’t have problems. He has clearly not heard of Lindsay Lohan.

Only Mark

This sentence captured most of the conscious world’s sentiments nearly perfectly. Sometimes great meaning originates from the weirdest places, so make sure you look closely around the next time you use a public bathroom.