10 Fitness Fails That Are Absolutely Hilarious

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Our body is like a temple, it requires a lot of attention and a lot of money to stay operational. Staying fit is one of the most important things in the world, and the rate of rising obesity and heart problems shows us that not enough people are paying attention to this issue. Those who do exercise regularly have a habit of rubbing it in other people’s faces, instead of informing and educating their friends and family. Here is a list of some epic fitness fails just to keep such people grounded.

Working Online

This is a good way to fight the impeding heart attack that is bound to happen when you work too much.

Kinky Fitness

Having intercourse is definitely one of the most preferred ways of staying fit.

Motivational Snacks

Nothing like munching on some M&M’s when you are engaging in some intense workout.

Bad Deal

All the steroids this gym owner took has really played a number on his math skills.

Saving Yourself For The Gym

Some people like to keep away from all physical activities just because they go to the gym once a week. This picture is a great example of this mentality.

Brand Endorsement

There’s nothing like an unfit person endorsing a fitness center to drive in the sales.

Post-Run Doughnut

Its good to keep a Krispy Kreme stall handy in a gym. If someone realizes they are wasting their time working out, they don’t have to go very far to get back out of shape.

Intimate Training

It is always nice to find an instructor who isn’t afraid to get intimate with his students just to get the best results.

No Sweating

Isn’t it really annoying when you go to a gym and you just see people sweating all over the place? That is the reason we don’t work out.


Clearly the person putting up the poster has a great sense of humor. This is also a great bit of subliminal advertising. If you are in shape, chances are you will get plugged-in a lot more often.