15 Of The Weirdest & Unexpected Celebrity Relationships

The lives of our favorite celebrities tend to be at the forefront of numerous magazines across the entire world. Everyone enjoys hearing about what happens within the personal lives of those we see on the big, or small, screen. However, there are a few relationships that no one ever expected to happen among the prized elite of the country. These individuals managed to begin dating without alerting the media immediately, but who they ended up with is even more shocking.

David Cross and Amber Tamblyn

The age difference between David Cross and Amber Tamblyn makes this one of the more surprising relationships to occur within Hollywood. Cross said he first noticed Tamblyn around Los Angeles, but was slow to make a move. The two married in October of 2012. The two noticed how perfect they were for each other on a long flight when they ended up sitting beside the other.

Kim Cattrall and Bruce Willis

When an action hero ends up dating the star from Sex and the City, you know something is up in Hollywood. Willis reportedly met Cattrall at a P. Diddy party back in 2003. The two ended up in a quick relationship that never turned too serious. Willis is now married, and Cattrall is dating someone else.