10 Fascinating Facts About Prisons You Never Knew

Prison is not the type of place most people want to end up when they are grown up. At least, most people shouldn’t want to end up there, but with the likes of Orange is the New Black, some people probably have a glorified idea of what life behind bars is truly like. Thankfully, we’re here to help settle the fact that prison is actually a really, really bad place. Here are ten fascinating facts about prison that you will barely believe.

Norway’s Prison Island

Norway is currently the home of an island prison where the worst of the worst criminals end up spending their years. Oddly enough, the majority of this prison is completely open, allowing the prisoners to do as they wish. Most never become repeat offenders after spending time there.

Robert Lee Brock

Back in 1995, criminal Robert Lee Brock decided to sue himself in court while he was behind bars. He claimed he had let himself get drunk and commit various crimes, all of which led to his imprisonment. The court threw his case out.