10 Fantastically Stupid Ways That Wars Broke Out

The Flagstaff War

When the British took control of Kororareka, New Zealand in 1840, no one thought it would be wise to sit down with the local populations. Instead, the military simply erected the union flag in the middle of their newly established town. Hone Heke, a leader of the natives in the area, took offence to this and chopped it down almost immediately. This back and forth continued several times until a 10-month war broke out, leaving hundreds dead and the British humiliated simply because they refused to not fly their flag.

The War of the Whiskers

After returning home from the Crusades, King Louis VII had grown a long beard and despite the protests of his rich and powerful wife decided to keep it. This sparked a separation of the pair when the marriage was annulled. Eleanor of Aquitaine went on to marry King Henry II of England on the condition that he went to war with France, thus starting a 301-year conflict that ended with an English defeat.