10 Famous People Who Nearly Died Before Their Time

It is important to always remember that fate is our master and even the best plans can come crashing down. We only have the illusion of control over our lives but we have very little actual control. There are many people out there who were destined to become famous, but the ugly side of life got to them before they could attain any fame. On the flipside, there are many people who are already quite famous but their world could have come crashing down if it wasn’t for a few fortunate details. Here is a list of 10 famous people who nearly died way ahead of their time.

Mark Twain

Mark Twain is one of the finest writers to have ever lived, and he has contributed immensely to the literary landscape. Apart from being a writer, he was also a journalist and his worst experience happened during his journalism days. When he was the editor-in-chief of the Daily Enterprise, a newspaper in Virginia city, he was amidst a fierce rivalry with the editor of the Daily Union, James Laird. Things got so bad that Mark Twain literally challenged James to a duel to settle the issue. Twain initially assumed James would not accept the duel and he would be proven inferior, but unluckily for Twain, James accepted the challenge. Twain was a horrible shot and nearly everyone knew that James could hit a target 13 out of 18 times. In order to fool James into submission, Twain asked one of his close associated to pretend to be him and shoot a songbird when James’ associates were around, hoping to spread the news about Twain’s shooting skills. The trick actually worked and James called off the duel pretty soon after.

George Washington

The first President of America was shot at so many times that he nearly never made it to the White House. His time in Fort Duquesne was extremely dangerous and he was in the line of some severe fire from the French’s Indian allies. Luckily he made it out of the battle safely and he could go on to become one of the most famous Presidents in the history of the world.