10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Jackie Chan

Legendary action star Jackie Chan is now approaching the twilight years of his career. He has truly lived an exceptional life and is responsible for spreading countless amount of joy around the world with his enormous body of work. He slowly transitioned from an action star to an action-comedy legend and the transition was simply brilliant to watch. He is now one of the most widely-recognized celebrities around the world and is famous for doing all of his own stunts. There are many things you may already known about Jackie Chan, but this list includes 10 lesser known facts about the martial artist.

Most Dangerous Stunt

Jackie Chan has performed some mind-bending stunts during the course of his career, but only a few can match the intensity of the stunt in his film ‘Who am I?’. He had to slide down a 21 storied building in Rotterdam at a 45 degree angle, tumble over, stand up and then walk down quickly, before sliding and tumbling again. Jackie admits that this stunt nearly froze his blood because of how terrifying it was.

He Was Abandoned As A Child

Jackie Chan has an origin story that is worthy of adaptation on the big screen. His father was a spy for the Chinese government, and during one of his missions, he arrested a stage-performer and opium seller named Lee-Lee. He soon fell in love with her and the duo decided to leave the country and flee to China. They had a child five years into their relationship, who was sold to the doctor who delivered him for 26 dollars. This child went on to become the great and awesome Jackie Chan.