10 Facts You Never Knew About The Holocaust

Many people learn about the Holocaust during high school history class, and it was a dark period in human history. However, there are many things about the Holocaust that most people are unaware of. For example, at one point, Hitler offered to hand over all of the Jewish prisoners to any country that would take them. Canada, the United States, and every other country refused, except for the Dominican Republic, which harbored only 100,000 people. There are many dark secrets about the Holocaust that many people don’t know, but this list intends to shed some light on those facts.

Salamo Arouch

Salamo Arouch was a Jewish boxer who was imprisoned in a Nazi camp. He was forced to fight other prisoners and he always won. The losers would be executed. He survived until he was rescued.

Fake Typhoid Outbreak

Two Polish doctors faked a typhoid outbreak in their town, which stopped the Nazi’s from entering it. This saved over 8,000 Jews.