10 Facts About Masturbation That’ll Blow You Away

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We’re now a few days into May, which is technically the month of masturbation for many who are not sexually reprieved. The month has long been considered the time for “fapping,” self-servicing your member, or spanking the money. Whatever you want to call it, masturbation is here to stay, and is often considered a very healthy method of self-pleasure and relaxation amongst human beings. In some cultures, however, masturbation is still regarded as taboo, especially amongst religious groups, such as Catholics. It is still an increasingly more common sexual act, though. Here are ten random facts about masturbation to blow you away.


Women who experience far higher amounts of testosterone than normal people tend to be more likely to masturbate than anyone else.

Younger Than 50

In men, especially those younger than 50-years-old, masturbating frequently causes an increased risk of prostate cancer. Men older than 50, however, can decrease their chances of the same form of cancer.


In women, the most effective and efficient way to rid yourself of menstrual cramps in a natural method is to actually masturbate during them.

Better Life

Believe it or not, masturbation actually brings about a better sex life in both men and women, especially when doing so with your partner.


Normal people are not the only ones who masturbate. A few well known, famous celebrities who have been caught masturbating in public include Fred Willard and Pee-Wee Herman, also known as Paul Reubens.

Red Handed

Over 41 percent of all individuals who masturbate regularly have been caught in the act by someone. The chances are quite high you will be, too.


In the olden times, it was often believed that masturbation would cause infertility within both men and women. In today’s science-based world, however, we have learned that is completely false.


Should a man masturbate too vigorously or too hard, then there is a high chance of him fracturing his penis, which sounds as painful as it is.

Japanese Sex Toys

In Japan, it is considered incredibly illegal to craft a sex toy that resembles a male penis. To get around this, the Japanese invented the rabbit vibrator.


In Judeo-Christians religions, masturbation is considered incredibly shameful. This is actually because of the story of Onan, who married his widowed sister-in-law.