10 Extreme Conditions Under Which Children Travel To School

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There are many problems with the global educational system and one of its biggest concerns is availability. Children are simply unable to access quality schools in different parts of the world and this tends to have a cascading effect on the condition of the world in the future. A lot of children in remote or developing countries have to make quite a journey just to get to a place where they can receive an education. This is truly a troubling situation and one that needs to be corrected quickly. This list includes images of students taking a lot of trouble just to get themselves to school.

New Delhi, India

Children in most parts of India have to resort to public transportation to get to school. In some developing and under-developed regions, this involves cramming into one vehicle and holding on for dear life.

Zanzkar, Indian Himalayas

Children in the Zanzkar region of the Indian Himalayas have to make a long and treacherous trek in order to get to school. They have to deal with the extreme cold and travel through many layers of thin ice, just to receive a decent education.

Lebak, Indonesia

The children in the Indonesian village of Sanghiang Tanjung have to cross a broken suspended bridge just to cross the Ciberang River and get themselves to school. Thankfully, for the safety of the children, the bridge has been replaced, however these children were crossing the broken bridge for quite some time, just to receive an education.

Gulu, China

Gulu is an extremely mountainous region in China and is a remote cliff separating the Dadu river canyon. Children here have to travel through dangerous and narrow paths along the cliff in order to make their way to elementary school.

Meghalaya, India

Meghalaya is a place in India that is considered one of the wettest places in the world. This eastern city receives 467 inches of rain each year, making it quite inaccessible during many parts of the year. Children here have to battle these climatic and environmental conditions to get to school.

Zhang Jiawan Village, Southern China

For children in the Southern Chinese village of Zhang Jiawan, they have to make the long climb down a set of ladders before climbing up in life. These ladders are placed all over the Badagong mountains and children have to watch each and every step while making the dangerous climb down to school.

Pili, China

Children in the Pili region of China have to make a 125-mile journey every year at the beginning of a new semester. 80 students make the life-threatening journey every year across the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous region that takes them through mountains and narrow pathways.

Rio Negro, Colombia

You might find this to be preposterous, but this is a part of daily life near the Rio Negro river in Colombia. Here, children have to zip line across the river using steel cables in order to access the school system.

Cilangkap, Indonesia

The bridge over the Ciherang River in Cilangkap has been broken for sometime now. Kids here have to use makeshift rafts made out of bamboo shoots and wooden planks in order to reach school on time.

Sumatra, Indonesia

This tightrope walk is not an extra-curricular exercise for the children in Sumatra, Indonesia. This is a part of the daily ritual of crossing a broken bridge across a flowing river in order to get to school.