10 Extraordinary Trends That Will Make You Rethink What Beauty Is

Stretched Earlobes

You have probably seen lots of youth having stretched earlobes with gauges, but many are unaware of the history behind them. Ear stretching has been historically practiced for a very long time among many cultures around the world. Stretched earlobes are perceived as a sign of beauty and social status among women and men. Today, ear stretching is still practiced within traditional cultures, such as the Mursi tribe in Ethiopia and several hill tribes in Thailand.

Beer Bath Spas

If you are a big beer fan, you will want to give this experience a try. There are spas located in the United States and Europe that allow clients to improve the look of their skin with beer, which fortifies the skin with B vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants. At the Chodovar Brewery in Chodová Planá, Czech Republic, willing participants can soak in a bath of mineral water and specially crafted bathing ale for 20 minutes. At the Landhotel Moorhoff in Franking, Austria, clients can bathe in an actual beer barrel.