10 Crazy Things Your Body Can Do

The human body is one of the greatest machines in existence. It is not only hugely complex and able to carry out millions of different tasks but it can also adapt to a variety of situations and conditions unlike almost anything else. It has been a source of study ever since humans gained self-awareness and science has now pushed our knowledge about it to new extremes. Yet, it is still one of the biggest mysteries as many of its functions and processes are still not properly understood. This gives the human body the unique ability to constantly surprise us with the amazing things it can actually do.

It Can Predict The Future

Recent research has seemed to indicate that the human body is able to anticipate future events, just before they happen. Several studies found that participant’s heart rates would increase and brain activity would change moments before something scary would happen, seemingly preparing for the incident without any cues.

It Can Warm Itself Using Just Thought

Research has been carried out on Tibetan monks who have claimed that they can raise their internal body temperature simply by meditating and thinking about flames building up inside them. This technique, known as Forceful Breath, was demonstrated to work and raise the temperature of the body by a significant amount.