The Best End Of Summer Fails And Flops

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Oh the sights of summer: bathing suits, pool parties, and recreation. It’s almost over but how did people spend their summer? Judging by these photos, it was with a lot of hilarity. Some people just don’t understand how to do summer like everyone else. But then, we wouldn’t capture these great moments. Right? Here are some of the funniest fails, flubs, and wins caught on camera. They feature slips, ridiculous tans, drunks and just plain old random end of summer fun.

Hump Day

What can you say? The beach brings out the romantic in all of us.

Dreaming of a White Summer

Answer this question, “How much sun does this woman need?” Apparently a lot. Don’t see it yet? You will.

Great Show

He’s missing the entire summer jam.

Problem Solver

Maybe he just couldn’t fit into the craft and really needed to get to the other side of the bay to pick up another case of beer.

Not Lifting A Finger

One man’s trash is another man’s drink holder. This is actually a genius way to lounge around, do nothing and stay cool all at once.

Fun With Dad

Dad is chilling and entertaining the kid without getting out of his seat. This is actually a win.

Happy Portrait

Maybe we’re seeing this wrong. Maybe this is just a rude couple who stood right in front of a man trying to take a picture of himself on the beach.

Split Splat

There’s no way this is ending well, and from the looks on her face, she knows it.

School’s Out

Hey, summer is for relaxing. Who can blame this kid for taking laziness…umm… I mean…. relaxation to another level.

Sandy Snack

What a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the water’s clear and the sand is tasty!


If you’re gonna fall asleep in the sun, at least have the foresight to write “I’m an idiot” in your sunscreen.

Too Lazy To Stay Cool

This gadget is for people that are so hot and so exhausted, they can’t even lick an ice cream cone.

Private Time

Relaxation, waves crashing. and the sun beaming. I think the atmosphere is making this dog feel some kind of way.

Games Gone Awry

This mud wrestling match got way out of hand when they added vodka.

Sir You Lost Something

Belly flop in front of a huge crowd with loose pants. Fail

Lost Driver

Hey mom can you slow it down please? Mom? Mom?

Good Conversation

Seeing these perfect tan lines makes me believe that this couple has had several conversations in this exact same spot.

When You Gotta Go

Yes, I know the toilet was illegally left here officer but I really needed to pee.

Grilling Time

No grill? No charcoal? No problem.

Party Crasher

Nothing ruins a pool party like an uninvited guest. Especially when it’s a bear looking to cool off.