10 Crazy Selfies That Led People’s Death

In just a few years selfies managed to take the world by storm and today are currently the best way people manage to share their emotions, feelings and the newest clothes, make-up or jewelry they’ve purchased. While most selfies are nothing but a harmless self-portrait, some people take this type of photography to extreme levels in order to gain social acceptance through the various networks on the web. Causing more deaths than shark attacks, selfie accidents are becoming more and more common and while some of those accidents are hilarious, others have morbid consequences.

Jumping Off a Bridge for the Ultimate Thrill Selfie

Where else but Russia would a man come up with the idea to jump off a bridge for the ultimate thrill selfie? While he didn’t actually jump and only wanted just to achieve the effect of looking like he’s jumping, the police was alerted about him as people thought he’s suicidal and he ultimately was driven to a hospital, tested by psychiatrists, questioned by the police and thus may be trialed for wasting city resources.

Train Shock Because of Selfie

Probably the most common reason for death, when it comes to selfies, are the train-related electrical shock incidents. The most infamous of cases happened in Spain, where a young 21-year-old man decided to climb on top of a train to take a selfie and got electrocuted by as much as 35 000 volts of electricity.