10 Crazy Movie Sequels That Were Almost Created

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It is truly amazing the horrible garbage that Hollywood can churn out sometimes, embarrassing and terrible movies that make you cringe at the very thought of them. And yet, as egregious as moves such as the Son of the Mask and Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde are, there are some that had the potential to be even worse. Here are some of the most utterly ridiculous movie sequels that came so very close to actually happening, but we’re quite thankful they didn’t.

Forrest Gump 2: Gump & Co.

The delightful awarding-winning Forrest Gump followed its eponymous hero around as he experienced hallmark American events of the 20th century. The sequel would have followed the lovable idiot as he experiences more hallmark American events of the 20th century – actor Tom Hanks refused to participate because he didn’t want it to be redundant.

E.T. 2: Nocturnal Fears

Everyone enjoyed the adorable sci-fi film about a group of children who rescue a wayward alien and help him find his way home. The follow-up would have had the kids from the first film kidnapped by evil aliens and eventually rescued by their plucky extra-terrestrial friend.

Ferris Bueller 2: Another Day Off

What’s funnier than a movie where you watch a snarky teen ditch school for a day of wild antics? Certainly not a sequel were you watch the now fortysomething character taking a impromptu day off of his boring desk job.

Twins 2: Triplets

It was a farfetched idea in the first place to pair up Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito as lost twin brothers, but the film ended up being a hilarious hit. Having said that, it would have been stretching an audience’s ability to suspend their disbelief by asking them to believe in a sequel where Roseanne Barr shows up as their triplet sister.

Battlefield Earth 2

Battlefield Earth, adapted from the first half of a novel over 1,000 pages long, is concerned by many to be one of the worst movies ever made. A sequel was planned to be pulled from the book’s latter half, but the bombing of the first film thankfully prevented that from happening.

Gladiator 2

The Ridley Scott film not only won the Best Actor Oscar for Russell Crow but also the top prize of Best Picture. But no matter how critically successful it was, filmmakers came close to tarnishing the films reputation with a sequel that would have had hero Maximus fighting Gods in the afterlife.

Showgirls 2

The notoriously bad movie about a hooker who becomes a Las Vegas showgirl may be a cult classic even if it was critically maligned. Two sequels had been talked about over the years – one would have had Elizabeth Burkley’s Nomi trying to make it in Hollywood, the other would have followed Showgirls supporting character Hope through her own Las Vegas story.

Roger Rabbit II: Toon Platoon

It was a surprise to Robert Zemeckis when Who Framed Roger Rabbit? turned out to be a hit. Its success convinced the director that a sequel where Roger is fighting in a war of cartoon characters was a good idea – thankfully, it never came to fruition.

Kill Bill: Vol. 3

There’s no denying Quentin Tarantino’s talent, but sequels don’t really seem like his thing. And yet, he has intimated an idea for the follow-up to one of his less successful films that would have the Bride’s living victims teaming up to take her down. The movie was supposedly put on an indefinite hold, although Tarantino claims it could still happen one day.


Se7en was as grim as it was dark and depressing, but studio executives became excited at the money it made and were eager to duplicate the lucrative film. Its sequel would have had Morgan Freeman’s character developing clairvoyant abilities.