10 Crazy Military Tactics That Actually Worked

Throughout history, there has hardly been any significant period of time when human civilization was not at war. Various cultures and nations have been fighting with each other for thousands of years. So it should come as no surprise that commanders and leaders have had plenty of time to come up with unique tactics and strategies that have turned the tide of battles or won seemingly unwinnable wars. There are countless examples of people using downright crazy ideas to beat their enemy, even against armies with many more men, simply due to their surprising, yet cunning, nature.

Cat Bodyguards

The Battle of Pelusium was the culmination of a war between Egypt and Persia that ended in a massive defeat for the Pharaoh Psametik. This was mainly down to the fact that the Persian leader Cambyses II utilized the Egyptian’s dedication to cats, by having his soldiers paint the animals on their shields and march with some cats in front of them. Egyptian archers refused to fire on the Persian soldiers out of fear of hurting the animals, leading to a decisive victory.

Hannibal’s Snake Attack

Hannibal became one of the greatest military leaders of his time with a number of impressive victories. One of these involved a naval battle with King Eumenes II. Knowing that he was heavily outnumbered, he first sent a herald to the king to find out which of the ships he was located on before concentrating his attack on that target. He also collected thousands of wild snakes and placed them in pots, which were then thrown at enemy ships. These snakes caused huge portions of the sailors to abandon their ships, giving Hannibal an easy victory.