10 Craziest Things That Dictators Have Said And Done

Dictators are generally known to be ruthless and cruel men. Stories about them tend to focus on them imprisoning or killing opponents, carrying out unspeakable acts of violence and generally being horrifically evil. However, their unwavering power and supreme authority can also give rise to other more neurotic tendencies. Many of the most famous dictators have done or claimed to have done bizarre things, both to build up their mystique and as a way of boosting their own ego.

Saparmurat Niyazov

Almost everything that Saparmurat Niyazov did during his dictatorship of Turkmenistan was widely seen as completely baffling. He closed down almost all of the hospitals, libraries and internet cafes in the country and then went on a spree of renaming everything from the days of the week to food. He even went so far as to rename bread after his mother.

Joseph-Desire Mobutu

After seizing power of Congo in a military coup, Joseph-Desire Mobutu began to exhibit an array of baffling behavior. He felt he had divine powers and kept up a unique appearance and unique status by stopping news reports and broadcasts from mentioning anyone by name and banning people from wearing certain types of clothing. Most bizarre was his securing of the Rumble in the Jungle fight between Ali and Foreman in the country.