10 Ways Everyday People Suffered For Beauty

Ever since ancient times people have been suffering and harming themselves and their bodies in an effort to reach new levels of beauty. During the times of the ancient Egyptians, the people would often wear dark eye make up, which often contained harmful amounts of both copper and lead. Ancient Greeks and Romans used to spread the feces of crocodiles on their faces and occasionally mixed it into their bath water. Animal poop often carries a lot of disease that spreads to human beings easily. Here are ten ways everyday people suffered for beauty.

Arsenic Consumption

Arsenic has frequently been used in murder cases through time, but at one point in history, people known as arsenic eaters would consume the vile substance to fresh their complexion and ensure their breathing was easier.

X-Ray Hair Removal

Dr. Albert Geyser was said to have embraced the use of the x-ray machine liberally. He even went so far as to use the radiation exposure from the Cornell tube as a way to remove unwanted hair. Unfortunately, these patients also developed lesions, ulcers, and cancer.