10 Countries That Offer Mail Order Brides

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Are you bored and looking for some company? Women in your town don’t cut it for you? If you’re in desperate need for some company or a long term relationship, maybe even a marriage – you should go shopping for a bride. Internet is a wonderful place, and nowadays, there’s a place where bachelors can actually purchase and have their brides shipped. We’re not sure how legal that exactly is, but it sure does exist. Here’s the ten countries where you can pay for your bride.


Vietnamese women are known to be beautiful, delicate and exotic. These are of course stereotypes, but many men often look for a bride in Asian countries for these reasons. The brides in the country don’t really have any interest in staying in their bought marriage for long, but they do play it up for the sake of the business transaction. Vietnamese ladies are quite sought after because of their conventional Asian features and the fact men are tired of the well-established places, such as the Philippines and Thailand. However, the lack of development means not many are yet displaying their ads online.


Brazil is a big country filled with diverse women. The mail-order market of Brazil constantly throws out images of beautiful, wiggly women and it is always a popular place for the mail-order bachelors to seek their future wives at. The women are freer when it comes to who they marry but also tend to be very independent, not really looking to be in a sour relationship for long. Bad thing is most of the population only speaks Portuguese, making it harder to establish contact with your future mail-order bride.


China is the home of the classic Asian beauty brides. The Chinese women often have doll-like features that many men dream about. However, their character can sometimes be completely opposite from the way we perceive them, the women there tend to be aggressive, although respectful. There’s also the language barrier to think about, with many women never having traveled outside the country. For many Chinese women, marrying a white man will offer a measure of prestige in her family and many women will opt for arranged marriages for that reason.


Arranged marriage is still a part of the Indian culture. Part of India’s tradition is for the parents to match the youngsters which is a bit different than mail-order brides since that concept involves the independent bachelor to find the woman he wants. So, if you’re willing to do a few steps that include moving to India, befriending the parents of your future bride and making them think you’re the right choice for the arranged marriage, then India’s your country of choice.


Thailand is the land of high poverty levels, great numbers of single ladies, and raw beauty which makes Thailand an attractive market. There’s also a belief in the social superiority of people with light skin which can make Western bachelors even more attractive to their mail-order brides-to-be. However, Thai girls don’t have a good reputation for being the best wives. A simple Internet search will tell you that they tend to be unworldly which makes them quite uninteresting. Additionally, they do not really care about raising children and being the perfect wives, and the divorce rate for Thai mail-order brides is above average.


Ukraine is one of the countries known for its beautiful women. They are educated, know foreign languages and can find jobs in new countries. The Ukrainian mail-order bride industry is blossoming due to the fact the women aren’t shy about arranged marriages or marriages for money. If you’re looking for a beautiful, blonde and educated woman, Ukraine’s mail-order market should be your first choice.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic has a population of about 4 million and also has quite a good economic situation going on, making their mail-order brides much pickier. If you are able to woo one however, it will be worth it. They are famous for their cooking skills and being hard workers. They are also humble which is always a feat that attracts Western bachelors. On top of that, Dominican men aren’t quite their taste, making Western men more attractive by default.


Admit it, just saying Colombia made your mouth water. Colombian women are known to be absolutely breathtaking. It’s also worth mentioning that women possess a special reputation for sultriness, and that their hips absolutely don’t lie. The competition for husbands in the country is fierce with many men dying in drug wars which made the mail-order bride industry fill easily with perspective brides-to-be. The women are looking for financial security and many also have a kid or two.

The Phillipines

Filipina women love to travel. They travel because of work but also for leisure, and they are very easy to interact with. Poverty rates run high in the country and many women are ready for an arranged marriage in order to find financial stability. The divorce rate are quite low, and many Filipina women are very vocal about liking white men. A recent study revealed that 70% of Filipina believe American men are thoughtful and kind, whereas Filipino men are considered cruel and unfaithful.


There’s over 500 mail-order sites displaying over 60,000 Russian women at any given time and that should tell you all you need to know about the Russian mail-order bride market. The ladies are beautiful, educated, know foreign languages and are familiar with different cultures. They’re also mostly poor and looking for better life outside the country, making Western men their primary choice of companion.