10 Completely Legal Ways To Get Out Of Prison

The prison populations throughout the world are becoming a huge problem these days. These facilities are incredibly expensive to keep running and they don’t actually help – instead they just create worse criminals after their years spent behind bars. Inmates need to be rehabilitated, not forced into longer and longer sentences that train them and make them angrier. Some prisons around the world have begun implementing new ideas in order to reduce prison sentences while teaching and rehabilitating their inmates. Here are ten completely legal ways to get out of prison.


Brazil currently has over 200,000 more inmates than their jails were originally constructed to hold. Overcrowding is a massive problem, so they began introducing a knitting program. Three days spent knitting will earn a prisoner one day off their sentence.


In India, over 70 percent of the inmates have yet to be sentenced and are still awaiting their trial. To help reduce the prison population, the government has introduced yoga. Every three months of yoga participation equals 15 days off their jail time.