10 Amazing Natural Sceneries From Around The World

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According to Discovery Channel, the world is just awesome. As a frequent traveler, I could attest to that. Our planet has so much diversity in both flora and fauna. The world is full of beautiful natural scenery from beautiful lakes to gorgeous beaches, high mountains with breathtaking views and dream-like landscapes you thought never existed in real life. For example, the featured image looks like a dream come true, but it is actually very real–with northern lights over a glacier lagoon found in Iceland.

Here are 10 of the most amazing natural sceneries to see and discover. These sceneries will leave you in awe and realize the amazing things the world has to offer.

Rainbow Lake – British Columbia, Canada

The Rainbow Lake in Canada is a picturesque place with beautiful scenery combining forests, mountains, and a lake.

Kawaguchi Lake – Japan

The Kawaguchi lake is overlooking the magnificent Mt. Fuji. The scenery is populated with pretty sakura, or cherry blossom trees.

Kawaguchi lake is in Fujikawaguchiko, Japan. It’s the 2nd largest of the five Fuji lakes when it comes to surface area.

Jiuzhaigou Valley – China

The Jiuzhaigou valley is a national park and serves as a nature reserve. It boasts turquoise waters, forest trees and lush waterfalls. The crystal waters offer a cool contrast to the surrounding warm colors of the forest.

Haastrecht – Netherlands

Haastrecht is a tiny town in South Holland, Netherlands, with only 3,500 inhabitants. The town is especially beautiful during the winter, when the splendid frozen landscape seem to stretch well into the horizon.

Sierras – California, USA

Sierras looks like an ordinary forest but during the autumn season, it completely transforms and the leaves turn red like fire, creating a surreal landscape.

Yukon River – Canada

Canada is filled with beautiful natural scenery, and one of the most picturesque is the Yukon River in northwestern Canada.

The view by the river is magnificent during sunrise, when the glorious sun plays with the clear waters, steamy air and blue skies.

Ashridge Park – Hertfordshire, USA

Ashridge Park boasts the most stunning bluebell sites in America, set beautifully against emerald forest trees. It is most recommended to see the place during spring season for beautiful blooms.

The Maple Ridge – Canada

The famous Maple Ridge is a road connecting the Fraser River & the mountains forming the Golden Ears. The Ridge offers a taste of scenic escape to travelers, with a country road leading off to the horizon.

Lake Tekapo – New Zealand

Lake Tekapo is the highest and most famous lake in New Zealand, featuring a scenic view and fringed with the Southern Alps. The waters are a very bright turquoise color, a faint reminder of a glacial sediment in the lake’s basin foundation.

Samuel H. Boardman State Park – Oregon, USA

The Samuel H. Boardman State Park is a lovely sight to look at, populated by sitka spruce trees, secluded coves, natural bridges and a rugged coastline.