10 Cemeteries That Should Absolutely Terrifying You

Cemeteries are pretty creepy all on their own, but there are a few around the world that should make you jump out of your skin when you are near. Graveyards have always been associated with spooky happenings, including cults, zombies and other undead beings, nefarious spirits, and plenty more, so they are pretty creepy. However, there are some where thousands upon thousands of people have been buried, making it both completely depressing and oddly terrifying to consider what could be roaming between the tombstones. Here are ten cemeteries around the world that should truly scare you.

Old Jewish Cemetery, Prague

The Old Jewish Cemetery is within the Jewish Quarter of Prague, and has been in use since the early 15th century. There are around 12,000 tombstones within the graveyard, but there have been as many as 100,000 burials in the grounds in total. Paranormal activity is highly common.

Les Catacombes, Paris

Les Catacombes, also known as The Catacombs, lie in an underground ossuary in Paris, France just south of the former city gate. The remains of about six million people lie buried in the walls of these tunnels. Movies have been made of the ghostly apparitions and paranormal activity that occurs here.