10 Celebrities Who Have A Secret Love Child

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris had a one-night-stand affair back in the 1960’s that lead to a daughter he wasn’t aware of until years later. Apparently, while Chuck was stationed in California during his time in the US Air Force, he met up with a girl named Johanna where they had a spicy little romance. Years later in the early 1990s Chuck’s love child, Dina, found out that Chuck was her father but was told not to reach out to him as she would interrupt his life and family. Instead of listening to her mother, Dina wrote to Chuck where he admittedly flew to her and welcomed Dina with open arms.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The larger than life action star turned governor turned action star once again, Arnold Schwarzenegger also had a love child that was revealed in 2011. This grand reveal came when Arnold revealed to his wife, Maria Shriver, that he had a child with a maid years ago after Maria confronted him on the matter. With the newly found information, Maria filed for divorce and Arnold was able to hold a relationship with his son without hiding from the public eye.