10 Captivating Abandoned Amusement Parks In The United States

Whether destroyed, sold, or mysteriously closed, these amusement parks were left abandoned for years. Now, with decaying attractions, overgrown weeds, and discarded memories, the once magical territories are eerie and desolate.

Some are now used to depict disturbing scenes in films, some are the location for creepy Halloween tours, and some are still sitting there uninhabited. A few of these parks are finally being restored to their former glory, to create lasting memories in a brand new way. Here are some of hauntingly beautiful parks today.

Six Flags Jazzland – New Orleans, LA

This park first opened under the name Jazzland in 2000 and operated for 2 years before Six Flags changed the name and upgraded it to become “Six Flags New Orleans“. The last day the park operated was August 21, 2005. Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans the following weekend and the park never opened again due to the massive devastation. Since then, many plans and proposals have been made to refurbish the park grounds and redevelop, but thus far, none have been successful and the remains of the amusement park continue to decay. Over the past few years, the park grounds have served as sets for films such as Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and Jurassic World.

Holy Land USA – Waterbury, CT

Holy Land USA was a theme park in Connecticut built in 1940 by John Baptist Greco and that was inspired by bible passages. Among the attractions were Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Garden of Eden, and many more. Greco closed the park in 1984 for improvements and expansions. Unfortunately, he died in 1986 and these improvement were never completed. A group of nuns were given reigns to the park, but over the years it was abandoned and little was done to maintain it. It remained abandoned and decaying up until recently in September 2014, when the mayor decided to open the grounds to the public. Since then, attempts have been made to clean up and restore the park.