10 Brilliant Water Parks That You Definitely Need To Visit

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Global warming has taken a huge toll on global temperatures, gradually turning up the heat year after year. We have created various measures in order to successfully combat the heat, including building powerful air conditioners and community pools. Water parks are a fun and interesting way to beat the heat during the summer season. They add a level of thrill to the excitement and make the day go by extremely quickly. If you love water parks, then you certainly need to visit the ones featured on this list.

Blizzard Beach In Florida

Blizzard beach apparently came up after a massive snowstorm covered the Florida water with snow a while ago. The park is now one of the best ice-themed water parks in the world and boasts of a 12-story ski jump.

Raging Waters In California

Raging waters is a beautiful water park located in California. Apart from a host of unique thrill rides, the park is most noted for a dual six-story tall racing slide that lets friends pit their guts against one another.

Splashin Safari In Indiana

Splashin Safari in Indiana is an enormous water park located right next to Holiday World. The park is famous for hosting the world’s longest water coaster.

Sommarland In Sweden

Famous for its air boats, water shows and log fumes, the Sommarland water park in Sweden is a must-visit for anyone who travels through the beautiful country.

Star Beach In Greece

Star Beach, located in Greece, is one of the best beach resorts in the world. It is a water park mixed in with an entertainment center, and is one of the most versatile and unique water parks in the world. It is also famous for hosting some wild parties on its shores.

Sunway Lagoon Water Park In Malaysia

The Sunway Lagoon Water Park in Kuala Lumpur is the largest water park in Malaysia. It is divided into three distinct regions in order to make visitors experience something truly unique. These regions are World of adventure, Waters of Africa and Wild Wild West. Apart from that, the park even has a separate surfing area for people who enjoy the sport.

World Water Park In Canada

The World Water Park in Canada is one of the most unique and beautiful water parks in the world, and it is located entirely inside the Edmonton Mall. The park has a host of exciting rides, and if you are tired of playing in the park, you can always head out for some shopping in the mall.

Adaland In Turkey

This 25 acre park is one of the best in the world and is definitely the best water park in Turkey. It has more than 20 brilliant rides and is most famous for a tube slide known as the ‘Yellow Python’.

Wet N’ Wild In Australia

It gets quite hot down under, which is why it is no surprise that Australia has one of the best water parks in the world. Wet n’ Wild Water World is open for tourists all year long and it has some of the best thrill rides around, including a four-person funnel slide and many break-neck speed water roller coasters.

Aquaventure Water Park In Bahamas

True to its name, the Aquaventure water park is a real adventure amidst a whole lot of water. The park is 141 acres in size and is supposed to hold more than 20 million gallons of water on any given day. The most famous ride here is a thrill ride known as the ‘Leap of Faith’ which is a 60 foot water slide with a very steep vertical decent.