10 Brilliant Landscapes Carved Into Books

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Artists around the world are constantly looking for ways to evolve the various genres of art by utilizing different materials. Their quest to broaden the spectrum of art has truly yielded some interesting results over the years. Carving landscapes using books is a new form of art that is gaining traction around the community. The depth and unique texture offered by books makes this form quite interesting. This list features 10 amazing pieces of landscape created using nothing but books

Cave Of Information

A deep and detailed cave has been carved into this book by a master artist.

Seperated By Knowledge

The amount of detail put into this pieces is astonishing, carefully cutting the pages at the right height to create a mountain range!

Mighty Volcano

The Volcano and the surrounding landscape carved into this book are absolutely spot on.

Ancient Homes

Many civilizations in South America used to live in homes carved into cave walls just like this striking piece.

Temple Of Learning

A beautiful temple and surrounding cave walls have been carved into a set of books.

Hill Side Landscape

Some intricate carvings and a hint of color has transformed this enormous book into a beautiful hillside landscape.

Long Canyon

This realistic depiction of a canyon has been made possible using a large set of books.

Wave Formation

The color and shape of this wave formation is extremely well-done in this carving.

Sweeping Mountains

A beautiful mountain range has been carved into these books.

Bridging With Information

A gorge and a narrow bridge have been intricately etched out of these books.