10 Brilliant Examples Of Architectural Illusions

The world is full of creative people, revolutionizing our lives in various spheres. People often assume that creativity can only be exercised in the artistic realm, but that is certainly not the case. Creativity can be expressed in every area of our life and only the truly creative ones are able to see the same element in a fresh and exciting light. Architecture is one area of our society that has begun to get largely homogenized. You tend to see the same boring structures in any developed city, but the field has tremendous potential for creativity. Here is a list of 10 amazing pieces of architecture that also double-up as clever illusions.

Dalston House, UK

This amazing house will make you guess whether you are coming or going, and also if you are facing up or down. Gravity has been used to excellent effect in this structure.

Hole House, Texas

A lot of people might credit this unique look to an explosion. It is in fact the creation of a storm, a massive and brilliant brain storm!