10 Ancient Weapons We Can Barely Believe Existed

The history of human warfare is so incredibly varied and devastating that it is quite difficult to cover in one article, let alone one series of articles. Mankind has a penchant for creating unique and deadly weapons of destruction to use against their fellow man. Everything from being burned alive to being impaled through the anus by a metal spike has been devised, and yet humankind continues to thrive and deploy new forms of weaponry. In ancient times, the weapons were rather rudimentary and crude, but effective nonetheless. Here are ten ancient weapons we can hardly even fathom existed, but they truly did!

Greek Steam Cannon

in 214 BC, the Roman Republic made use of every weapon they could during the siege of Syracuse. One such weapon was the Greek Steam Cannon, which was shaped like a cannon and featured a copper tube laid out of coals with a hollow projectile stuffed down the barrel. When the cannon was hot enough, a bit of water was injected into the copper barrel and the contraption fired off the projectile.

Whirlwind Catapult

Catapults are the typical piece of ancient siege weaponry that most people consider when discussing these types of armaments. However, the Chinese devised a new form of the standard catapult, which used two sling ropes and two release pins to throw projectiles further, and with more devastating effect.