10 Bizarre Side Effects From Common Medicines

Medicine has advanced immeasurably in the past few decades, with one of the biggest leaps in technology coming in the drugs that have been developed to treat people who have all types of afflictions. Millions of people around the world depend on a steady stream of medicines to ensure that they can live healthy lives. Unfortunately, many of these medications can cause side effects in addition to their health benefits. Although many of these side effects are common and well known, such as headaches or upset stomachs, there are some truly strange effects that everyday drugs can cause.

Losing Sense Of Smell

Losing your sense of smell, known officially as anosmia, is something that is usually the result of trauma or specific diseases. However, it has also been known to be triggered by interferon, a type of medication that is used to treat hepatitis and leukemia.


Recent reports have indicated that the anti-malaria drug Melfoquine has a number of shocking side effects that no one would like to suffer. They largely consist of psychiatric problems, which can lead to drastic changes in behavior, with some of the most common issues being frequent hallucinations and suicidal thoughts.