10 Bizarre Lawsuits You Won’t Believe Made It To Court

The Battle For A ‘Happy Birthday’

In the past, any time any character in a movie or a TV show had to sing “Happy Birthday”, the movie or the TV show had to pay royalties to the song’s owner, Warner/Chappell Music. Those fees went as high as around $10,000 per use. In 2013, a film producer by the name of Jennifer Nelson sued Warner, saying that she was wrongfully charged because the song’s copyright had expired. After the trial was over, the court ruled that the song’s words can be shown on shows and movies without paying for royalties.

The Fight Against Vegan Mayo

Hampton Creek is famous around the world for inventing a vegan sandwich spread, which they call “Just Mayo.” In the sandwich, they use mayonnaise without putting any eggs into it. In November 2014, Unilever, a company which owns Hellmann, the biggest producer of mayonnaise, filed a lawsuit against Hampton Creek, saying that eggs are a defining ingredient in mayonnaise and that the vegan sandwich could not legally be called “mayo.” They actually won the case and the company had to shut down.