17 Gifts That Moms Actually Want For Mother’s Day

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, everyone is thinking about what are the best presents they could purchase or make for their mom. There are the classic and conventional presents – flowers, chocolates, tea, jewelry, and gift certificates for a spa day. However, some people want to go the extra mile for mom’s.

Below is a compilation of gifts that mothers actually ask for and would like – some are sentimental, some are just practical. Every mother is different, and with Mother’s Day approaching rapidly – it’s time to pick a gift that best suits your mother.

Something DIY

Mom’s love Do-It-Yourself gifts, as long as it’s well-done. They are affordable, fun to make, and have sentimental value to mothers everywhere.

A Hot Bath

Honestly, most mom’s just want a nice, hot bath. Buy your mom some nice-smelling bubble bath, and a fuzzy bathrobe, and tell her to take the evening off!

Offer To Babysit

If you know a mother who has young children, offer to watch them for her while she spends an evening on her own. Chances are, most mothers can’t remember the last time they went out without their little ones.

Take Family Pictures

Hire a photographer and surprise your mom with a day of family photo-taking! Not only is this a fun day for the family, but it also creates long-lasting memories that can be put in a frame as well.

Buy Her Some Wine

If you know what her favorite bottle of wine is, splurge and purchase it for her! She will be happy when she receives it, and even happier once she finishes it!

Call Your Mom

If you are travelling or live far from home, the best thing to do on Mother’s Day is to give your mom a call – and not just a quick one. Set aside an hour of your day just to chat with her, and let her know how important she is to you.

Let Her Sleep In

Mother’s almost never get a morning to themselves, so on Mother’s Day, give her the opportunity to catch some zzz’s.

Breakfast In Bed

This is a classic Mother’s Day gift, and mom’s actually love it! Whip out the griddle and make some pancakes!

Make Her A Coupon Book

No, not with coupons for McDonald’s or Taco Bell – a homemade coupon book with things like, “Help with laundry” or “Clean the dishes.” This way, whenever she is feeling overwhelmed with her daily duties, she can turn to you and use a coupon! This costs you nothing except some time.

Write Her A Letter

Even if you live with her, writing her a heartfelt letter is one of the best things that you can do for your mom. It puts into words all of the gratitude that you feel for her, and it is something that she can cherish for a long time!

Make A Card

Instead of purchasing a store bought card, put some time and effort into making a nice card for her!

Write Her Little Notes

Mother’s deserve more than just one day, don’t you think? Write her a little note for every week of the year – that’s 52 notes, and then put them into a jar. She will have encouragement for the rest of the year!

Give Her Your Time

Spend the entire day with her, doing whatever it is she enjoys – regardless of whether or not you enjoy it. She will appreciate the effort and time that you put in.

Edible Arrangements

Flowers are good, but Edible Arrangements are 10 times better!


Some mothers love to read, and if your mom is an avid reader, get her a book! She will be thinking of you the entire time that she is reading it!

Digital Photo Frame

If you can’t pick just one photo to frame, get your mom a digital picture frame! She will be able to view all of the beautiful family photos that you’ve taken over the years!

Just Get Some Cooking and Cleaning Done

Sometimes all your mom really wants is just for someone to take care of the cooking and cleaning for her, even just for one day!