10 Bizarre Foods That Double As Aphrodisiacs

There are a lot of different types of food out there that can double as a libido-boosting regime for many men and women around the world. Some are pretty common, like dark chocolate, wine, and even oysters. However, some are more on the weirder side, and a lot of people would be wary to consume these foods in the hopes of gaining strength in their sexual lives. That being said, a lot of these weird flavors are actually consumed on a regular basis by people just like you and I. Here are ten weird foods that supposedly double as aphrodisiacs.

Soup Number Five

Soup #5 may sound innocent enough, but believe us it is not. Those who love various four-legged mammals can pick up this soup throughout Southeast Asia, and it contains onion, carrots, broth, bull penis and testicle, and more.


Fugu is a strange fish that comes from the sea that most people know of as blowfish. Various Japanese chefs must be licensed to prepare and serve the fish, which can be deadly if done wrong. The dish promotes sexual arousal.