10 Bizarre Facts You Never Knew About Adultery

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According to a study, ladies are more likely to cheat on their partners if they have large balls — University of Oslo scientists studied primates and they discovered that a woman is more likely to have other intimate relationships if their partner has big testicles. Petter Bockman, Assistant Professor, said that in one species of grasshopper, the testicles occupy half of the body mass. In sea urchins, the testicles are even larger. According to the research team, human testicles are 1.5 times bigger than those of gorillas. They claim that this indicates that we are by nature an unfaithful race. Here are some more bizarre facts about adultery you never knew.

Blonde Women Cheat More

CheaterVille carried out a survey to discover whether color of hair could be a factor in a partner’s likelihood to cheat. They discovered that about 42% of cheating ladies have blonde hair.

Men With Deep Voices More Likely To Cheat

A study published in Evolutionary Psychology found that women think that males who have lower-pitched voice are more likely to cheat on them while men think that ladies who have higher-pitched voice will cheat on them. This is because the more estrogen a female has, the higher her voice and the more testosterone a male has, the deeper his voice.

Kamikaze Sperm

According to Clinical sexologist Dr. Lindsey Doe, a man’s sperm discloses whether he thinks his mate is cheating or not. Doe said that 40% of ejaculate is composed of fighter sperm or kamikaze designed to prevent another male’s sperm from fertilizing the egg. When a male suspects his mate of being adulterous, he produces more of kamikaze sperm to avoid other suitors.

Faking Orgasms

One study claimed that women and men who faked orgasms were more likely to be adulterous.


According to a study published in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking Journal, Facebook leads users to reconnect with past lovers, which in turn, is causing more divorces, breakups or affairs.

Cheaters Like Chain Restaurants

Ashley Madison, an extramarital affair dating site, asked around 40,000 cheaters where they liked to dine and wine in secret, and thus, disclosed 10 best dining destinations to have an extramarital affair. Among them? P.F. Chang’s, Outback Steakhouse, Chili’s and Red Lobster.

People In Happy Marriages Will Cheat

A study by a biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, the author of Why Him? Why Her? and The State University of New Jersey found that 34% of women and 56% of men who had extramarital affairs claimed to be very happy or happy in their marriages.

Emotional Reasons

Ladies tend to have deep emotional connections with their extramarital partners and are more likely to have a fling because they are looking to fill an emotional emptiness or because of loneliness.

Infidelity Is Not the Major Cause Of Divorce

According to Divorce Magazine, the primary reason married couples cite for breaking up is that they are totally incompatible and find it difficult to communicate.

Cheaters Prefer Rock Music

Because sex and music actually do go together, scientists have discovered that when it comes to cheaters, 41% of them prefer rock music to all other music genres. Falling in line after that is classical music (7%), country music (11%) and pop music (16%).