10 Bizarre Bars From Around The World

Being extremely diverse in our tastes, we all like to visit our special spots when going out with friends, especially when it comes to bars. Whether it would be a small, dirty and smelly corner place or a superb bar with prices higher than the sky, there is a bar for everyone in the world. If you don’t believe so and think you are just a bit crazier than the others, then you might find your special spot being one of the following 10 crazy bars, which are so bizarre you’d think people won’t visit them, but they actually do.

The Ice Bar in Tokyo

Ice themed hotels and bars are becoming quite popular in recent years. In the Ice bar in Tokyo, people pay a small fee to borrow a coat upon entry. Everything in the bar, including the walls, the tables, chairs, and even the glasses are made of ice.

The Ichub Club in Bangkok

Are you just a tat fatter than the others and you want to celebrate your weight? In Bangkok there’s a bar where you can do just that! The karaoke bar even has a special offer – if you and three of your friends have a combined weight of more than 794 pounds, you will get a free bottle of whiskey.