10 Surprising Netflix Facts You Didn’t Know

Media is constantly changing. From the dawn of the radio to the widespread TV domination, technology constantly helps entertainment evolve to new heights. And while some don’t want to admit it, we are already living in a new era, where TV has been replaced by online content streaming. One of the biggest companies that owns the online streaming market, Netflix, has been around for quite some time, but there are still some things people don’t know about it. Thus, we’ve gathered a collection of ten of the most surprising facts about Netflix that every binge watcher should know!

Netflix and Overconfidence

According to Netflix officials, they believe that their show-finding system is so sophisticated that anyone would be able to find the show they are searching for within only two minutes, even if they don’t know its name. However, we all know that this is far from the truth!

Netflix Knows A Lot About You

Even though they constantly ask you what you prefer watching, Netflix generally gets their data and thus makes your suggestions from the things you do watch, how often you watch it and how long you watch it.

Netflix’s Glitch

At one point, Netflix had a glitch, which re-wrote and mixed-up all of their title descriptions, ending up in a huge mess that Netflix had to fix.

Netflix and Spoilers

Netflix’s descriptions often contain spoilers. However, written by a dedicated team, those descriptions always contain sensitive spoilers, which means that Netflix basically knows which spoilers to reveal and which ones are too sensitive.

Netflix’s Interface Was The Idea Of An Outside Developer

Netflix didn’t have the memorable and easy to use interface it has now, until an outside developer contacted them and convinced them that they should change their interface the way they did.

Netflix’s Idea

Netflix first started as a DVD-by-mail service that became widely popular. The idea comes from its founder who got annoyed that he had to pay a ton of overdue fees on an Apollo 13 DVD he didn’t return in time.

Netflix and Porn

Back in their early days Netflix made a huge mistake by sending out DVDs with hardcore Chinese porn to its customers instead of Bill Clinton’s statement for the Monika Lewinski’s Trial.

Netflix and Secrecy

Netflix has both a secret menu and secret categories. In order to access them you’d have to put special codes, which can easily be found online.

Netflix and Research

Netflix constantly makes a ton of research in order to make their service better for the end user. However, back in the day when they were still a small company, they used to do their research for the site solely through the annoying house calls that almost all of us hate.

Netflix and Stats

While most companies publish and release stats and ratings, Netflix doesn’t publish theirs. However, estimates are available online.