10 Dumbest Questions IT Technicians Were Asked

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Were you ever in a situation where you needed to talk with an IT technician? If you ever had some technical issues, you probably know that the first thing the IT guys or girls will ask you are: is your computer plugged it? Are your mouse’s batteries fully charged? and other things like that to cover the basics. And even though it might seem ridiculous to the general population, the reason for that is because there’s so many people who actually don’t know their basics and actually think a computer mouse is a real mouse. Here’s the ten dumbest questions that were asked by customers to IT technicians.

Disc Master

Maybe, just maybe this person should consider not

The Mouse

As long as the mouse is okay.

Power Switch

Wait, there is a power switch?! Oh wow, that’s news for us all.

Error Code

The time we spend isn’t always measured the same for all the activities. Googling takes much longer than contacting someone, at least according to this user.

The Address

Okay, this one is just hilarious.

IIS Reset

It’s like talking to a wall sometimes. A wall that does not understand IIS resets.


What an amazing upgrade, that Wi-Six. Can we get it too?

No Sound

We have a new found appreciation and respect for all the ITs out there, seriously.


Magenta really is a tricky color to depict.

More LAN

Yes, you heard him. Add more LAN, it’s urgent.