10 Biggest And Most Embarrassing Mistakes Ever Made

If you feel like your life isn’t going according to plan or that you’ve messed up terribly lately, this list is a perfect idea for you to scroll through. It will not only make you feel better about your life, but it will also make you laugh out loud. There’s no way you have it as bad as the people who originally rejected Harry Potter or The Beatles. Here’s then mistakes that are even worse than this one and that can definitely be accounted for as the most embarrassing mistakes ever made.

Moon Landing Tapes

NASA doesn’t possess one original recording of the moon landing. All of the tapes have been recorded over, thus the originals are no longer accessible.

Titanic Lifeboats

The sole reason why Titanic didn’t have nearly enough life boats was because everyone thought it was unsinkable and therefore didn’t need them.

Decca Records’ Bad Judgment Call

Decca Records turned down the Beatles with the standard line saying “You will not sell”. Enter EMI.

Mars Orbiter Mi=ystery

NASA lost its Mars orbiter only because when constructing and navigating it, one half of the team used metric units and the other half used scientific.

Invading Russia

Napoleon was convinced he could invade Russia in winter. Then came Hitler who thought he could be better than Napoleon. And it’s known that nobody can do better than the Russian winter.

Useless Desert Fail

The Australia was originally discovered by the Dutch a whole century before the British colonized it. The Dutch, however, ignored it completely, thinking it was just a useless desert.

Alaska trade

Russia sold Alaska to the US for only 2 cents an acre because the Russians thought Alaska was useless and too cold, even though the conditions on Alaska and in some regions of Russia are exactly the same.

Hindenburg Explosion

The Hindenburg disaster happened on May 6, 1937, as the German passenger airship Hindenburg exploded and destroyed itself mere seconds after the launch. The reason for the explosion was the fact the whole aircraft was filled with hydrogen, instead of helium, which is incredibly flammable.

Harry Potter Rejection

The total of book publishers who rejected Harry Potter is twelve. Not surprisingly, most of them are out of business by now.

Auto Goal

In 1788, the Austrian army attacked itself and killed 10,000 of its own people.