10 Bad-Ass Women Currently On Television

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The world of popular culture has always has a shortage of great female characters. Most of the world’s entertainment industries are male-driven and the representation of the fairer sex has been lacking in quality. The modern television arena has changed this trend during this past decade and has produced some outstanding female characters that have captured the imagination of the world. Now we have a great roster of women characters featured in zombie apocalypses to government offices. This list features 10 of the most bad-ass characters on contemporary television:


Being the mother of three dragons is a great and awesome responsibility, and Khaleesi does this with grace and poise. This wonderful character from ‘Game of Thrones’ is perhaps the most popular female character on television at this point.

Joan Holloway

Being a working women in the 60’s must have been a specially grueling time. Lewd and sexually-charged behavior was a common feature in any office, and only a women with the charisma of Joan Holloway on ‘Mad Men’ could not just survive the horrible conditions, but thrive her way to the top of the food chain.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones delivered to the world something we needed most terribly – a female-driven superhero story. We didn’t just get a bad-ass superhero, we got one that sets the bar high for all endeavors in the future.

Leslie Knope

‘Knope is Hope’. This hyper-active, hyper-positive character on ‘Parks and Recreation’ changed the people around her in profound ways and managed to help her community in as many ways as possible.

Peggy Carter

Another great female character in a superhero context. Agent Carter set the stage for a ‘Jessica Jones’ to come and knock the ball out of the park.

Rosa Diaz

You need to be a serious person to be taken seriously as a cop, doubly so for women. Rosa Diaz barely smiles during her three-seasons on ‘Brooklyn 99’ so far, but she gave us plenty of giggles in the process.

Sarah Manning

Sarah Manning was the breakout character in last year’s awesome show ‘Orphan Black’. Playing many, many versions of herself, this character shifted gears with near perfection to keep the drama gripping and captivating.


‘Red’ began as the big bully on campus, but soon turned into the hen mother. This awesome character from ‘Orange Is The New Black’ earned many fans with her tough-but-fair attitude.

Annalise Keating

This award-winning character from the show ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ is smart, savvy, creative, passionate and fearless. Her persona is built on the continuous conflict between her image and inner-demons.


Michone is one of the few female characters whose bad-assery was not lost while adapting the show ‘The Walking Dead’ from graphic novel to television. She is a fearless survivor of the apocalypse who leads the way with her epic skills and no-bullshit attitude.