10 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know Babies Could Do

Babies are weird creatures. They have no control over their bowl movements, they can’t walk or speak or properly communicate with the world and they are basically just a tiny catastrophe waiting to happen. Sure, they are very cute and annoyingly adorable to care for, but they are also very different from fully grown humans in many ways. Here are ten things you didn’t know babies could do, and if you know any other awesome things they can do, let us know!

Hearing All The Sound Frequencies At The Same Time

Scientists recently discovered that the babies’ hearing differentiates from adult humans a great deal. Apparently babies actually hear all the frequencies of sound at the same time. Essentially, babies’ hearing is more developed than in adults, but it also makes them that much less able to orient and focus on the human voices around them.

Distinguishing Faces, Even Of Other Species

It is a common misconception that babies can’t recognize different faces when in fact, babies are actually better than some adults at it. They can even identify the different faces of other species such as monkeys, birds and bears.