10 Awesome Sequels To Watch In 2015

It used to be that if a movie was a sequel it was automatically a sub-par film… but nowadays that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Now that Hollywood has become obsessed with film franchises and all the money that comes with it, more and more filmmakers have been pouring in great effort to make sure that their sequels are actually worth their salt. There will certainly be no shortage of great sequels coming in the year of 2015, but here are ten of the most promising looking of those movies.

Furious 7

Since its inception, the Fast & Furious series has set a high standard action packed and emotionally resonant blockbusters. The quality of these movies has only been getting better as the years have gone by, so it stands to reason that this installment should be a fantastic white-knuckle ride. Add to that the tragic passing of star Paul Walker, and Furious 7 is sure to be most emotional of all seven movies.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Not too long ago, comic book movies were the kind of thing only a small group of people would have been interested in – but now that comics are cool, the whole world can’t seem to get enough of them. The second film about the famous Marvel supergroup, directed by Joss Whedon, brings back all of your favorite characters from the first film, this time promising a darker story as the heroes go to battle with a terrifying new villain.