10 Shocking Ways People Have Traveled Around The World

Can you imagine starting off in one direction and ending up exactly where you first left off without ever changing your course? Have you ever wondered just how wide the Earth really is and just how long it would take you to completely encircle it? Nowadays it’s quite easy to do it – hop on a plane, and then another, and another and you’re there. However, there are people who pushed their own limits in order to do it the hardest way possible and we’ve found the ten most shocking ones who’ve seen everything Earth has to offer without ever getting off course.

Ran Around The World

Rober Garside is also known as The Running Man because of his epic race that took almost six years in which he ran more than 35,000 miles. The goal was simple – to run around the world, and he was the first ever man to do it. He ran through impressive 30 countries and visited all continents apart from Antarctica.

Sailed The World Alone

Laura Dekker is one of those people who make the impossible possible. At the age of fourteen, she was the youngest person to sail the world, all the while receiving no help from anyone else, but doing it on her own. It took her one and a half years to accomplish it.