10 Awesome Life Hacks To Improve Your Day

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Life hacks are awesome bits of advice or cool tips and tricks you can use every day during everyday problems to make your life a little bit easier. Whether it is a solution to an annoying or persistent problem or it’s a cool piece of advice you never knew about, life hacks truly are worth taking the time and reading for future use. This is a list of ten awesome life hacks to improve your day and get you into a better mood.

Broken Bulbs

If you ever break a light bulb by accident and want to remove it without cutting your hands on the glass shards, cut a potato in half, jam the open end onto the shards and then unscrew it. Remember to turn the power off first.

Headrest Emergency

If you are ever in a situation where you need to get out of a car and the door and windows wont open, take off the headrest of the seat and use the metal prongs to shatter the glass from the inside.

Airplane Mode

To prevent ads from playing on your phone when you play games, turn airplane mode on.

Winter Fans

As hot air rises, the goal of switching ceiling fans to winter mode is to reverse the rotation of the blades in order to slowly push the hot air back down from the ceiling.

Smelly Laundry

To remove the stench from stinky laundry, add a bit of white vinegar to the washing load.


Car indicators flash more and more rapidly the closer they are to dying and needing to be replaced.

Petrol Tank

Most cars have a picture of a fuel pump with an arrow on it near the petrol gauge. This arrow points towards the side of the car that you use to fill with petrol. This is especially useful in unfamiliar or rental vehicles.


Toothpaste is good for removing scratches from CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-ray’s. It can also be used to fix up minor marks and scratches on car paint.

Flea Removal

Rubbing olive oil into your dogs pelt and leaving it for a few hours will remove fleas. Just remember to wash it out once you are done so as to prevent oil spots from being created all over your house.

Blood Removal

Soaking an article of clothing in milk will remove the blood stain – but then it smells like milk, so remember to wash it properly.