20 Of The Most Bizarre Online Communities

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The internet has made it far easier for groups of likeminded people to get together and talk than ever before. Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook as well as online forums like Reddit have made it possible for communities, that would never have been popular enough to start up offline, to flourish.

While many of them are ordinary communities that revolve around topics and subjects that are completely understandable, others are rather bizarre and leave you wondering how so many people can share a love for the same strange thing.

My Free Implants

My Free Implants is an online community that has been set up to allow women who can’t afford breast implants but want them to talk to each other. It also offers to match up the women with potential men who may be willing to foot the bill themselves, saving women the cost of the implants.

Meet An Inmate

Having a pen pal with a prisoner has been a practice for many years but Meet An Inmate brings the whole idea into the modern age by giving prisoners the chance to advertise directly for pen pals. The ads can be placed on the website and give potential writers the chance to know a little bit about the prisoner, including their age, sex, likely release date and previous jobs.

Carpets For Airports

The Carpets For Airports website is a place where users can share their pictures of the carpets and flooring that lines the airports of the world. This is accompanied with information about the airport, there locations and a review of the carpets themselves.

Euro Gay Police

While it was still in operation, Euro Gay Police was a website that acted as the community hub for all gay, bisexual, lesbian and transsexual police across Europe. Other users would offer support to colleagues located throughout the continent as well as allowing the discussion of important events and issues facing the community.

Line For Heaven

Getting into heaven is something of a major thing for those who are religious and can terrify those who don’t know whether they have been good enough in their lives. Line For Heaven is a place for those types of people to talk with others, discuss religion and do good deeds for each other. The site claims to be entirely for fun while also helping to promote religious tolerance.

Walker Tracker

The health industry has grown significantly in the last few years and a large part of that is down to the growing interest people have in keeping fit and exercising. One the most popular types of exercise is walking and Walker Tracker is a site dedicated solely to that activity, giving users the opportunity to discuss walking routines, helpful organizations, good locations and equipment suggestions.


Counting might be something that only accountants and those wishing to get to sleep do most of the time but a group of users on the subreddit Counting have decided to take up counting as a hobby. The concept is simple, members of the community simply reply to the last comment with the next number in the sequence. There is no limit and the counting has now reached into the hundreds of thousands.

Men’s Long Hair Hyperboard

While the Men’s Long Hair Hyperboard is a pretty old website, it is still impressively active. The online hyperboard gives men with long hair the chance to interact with each other, ask questions about how to care for their hair and get support about their choice of hairstyle. The board is full of questions that are usually answered fairly quickly.


Fubar is effectively a virtual pub and bar. It has over 10 million users and gives them a chance to chat with each other, make new friends and even buy each other virtual drinks. With the added advantage of allowing you to wake up without any sort of hangover.


Although it has since shut down, Blippy was once a fairly active social media site that built up a dedicated following of members. It was essentially built to be similar to Facebook and Twitter, though instead of sharing personal information experiences through the site users would instead post about their recent purchases while looking at and rating what their friends had bought.


Have you ever compiled a dream journal by writing down the details and times of your dreams? Or perhaps just wondered what a particular dream actually meant? Well you can now share those writings and thoughts with thousands of others at REMcloud, a social network dedicated to everything to do with dreams.

Daily Diapers

This specialty site is a NSFW destination that combines fetish images with the wearing of diapers. Daily Diapers contains galleries for people to show off their own photos as well as discussion boards and polls so that users can interact with each other and make the most out of their shared fetish.

Thomas The Dank Engine

The theme tune from the television show Thomas the Tank Engine is pretty recognizable to anyone who has children, although it has now been taken by members of the Thomas the Dank Engine community. In it, the users try to remix the theme tune with hip hop songs including artists such as Dr Dre and Notorious B.I.G.

Zombie Preparedness Initiative

The coming zombie apocalypse is no laughing matter. If shows like The Walking Dead are right, then we all need to be prepared for when the deadly horde marches on the living. The Zombie Preparedness Initiative has set out to do exactly that, with users sharing information, tips and the location of safe houses.

Rectal Foreign Bodies

Unfortunately, this particular community no longer functions in the way it once did as the guestbook and message board no longer work. However, Rectal Foreign Bodies still hosts all of the content that got people talking in the first place. During its heyday, it was full of people talking about x-rays that had been sent to the site showing various objects stuck in a person’s body.

Ice Chewers

If you thought that ice was simply something used to keep drinks chilled, then the Ice Chewers Bulletin Board might just change your mind. This forum is full of users who love to eat ice to such an extent that they even swap recipes with each other.

Red Karaoke

Sometimes you might want to jump on a microphone and belt out a brilliant song but simply don’t have any Karaoke bars nearby to satisfy your need. Red Karaoke seeks to change this though. This online community caters to people from all over the world and lets users share their own karaoke videos as well as rating and commenting on others.

Shower Beer

Reddit is full of wonderful communities that extol the virtues of all kinds of activities. Possibly the most bizarre is Shower Beer, a subreddit that is dedicated to drinking beer in the shower. The entire community is essentially made up of members talking about why they drink in the shower and posting pictures of the activity for others to see.

Slash Fan Fiction

Slash Fan Fiction is arguably one of the most dedicated communities on the whole internet. Its members don’t just imagine erotic fantasies for characters from TV, movies and novels but actually write full works of fiction that can often run into thousands of words. It doesn’t matter which character you choose, chances are someone from the community has written about them having sex. Just remember that everything on the site is NSFW.

Birds With Arms

The majority of online communities often struggle to get more than a couple of thousand members. However, Birds With Arms has accumulated more than 60,000 members even though the subject of the subreddit is entirely odd. The entire community revolves around people photoshopping arms onto birds.